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2009-11-20 03:32 pm
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invitation only

i'm a scatter brain who writes too much. i over think everything. i tend to miss the point because the answer is too fucking obvious, and i'm really weird.

add me if you'd like.
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2009-05-03 11:25 pm

help, i'm alive

if all i am is piano lines in e minor
and all those other sad things
then i wish to have my moments of joy
to smile without substance
and to remember
having ringing in your ears is alright
when you can sing along.

the contrast is incredible.
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2009-03-16 01:34 am

conor oberst + the hush sound + panic at the disco + lynz + tom conrad

[01-06] Conor Oberst
[07-18] The Hush Sound (Greta centric)
[19-29] Panic at the Disco (Ryan & Brendon)
[30-31] Lyn-Z
[32-34] Tom Conrad
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